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On The Road

7 Aug

On Wednesday, Chris the Sketchybeast joined a coach expedition to Wales with locals from Bootle and Linacre. Like Cliff Richard in Summer Holiday, but drawing instead of singing, Chris led a number of activities including a sign quiz (try it yourself here), a memory sharing and signage design for the installation. Again, lots of signs prohibiting the throwing of rubbish in the canal, and also one about not throwing your cat in there. My favourite though has to be the warning sign that warns about the dangers of signs themselves!


Under Pennington Road Bridge

7 Aug

A modern re-telling of The 3 Billy-goats Gruff, where we as Re-Dock play the troll, and the goats are played by canoeists, barges, bmx bikers and dog walkers. Actually its a video document of our workshop under the bridge by the site of the Constellation Of Signs installation.

Workshop #09 – #10 – Pennington Road Bridge – process

31 Jul

Today we took the workshop to the site itself. The grey morning weather forced us under the bridge but it turned out to be a great move as we met loads of people using the canal: 3 canoeists, a few runners, 6 barges, several lads on bikes, lots of families and a shedload of dog walkers.

Workshop #09 – #10 – Pennington Road Bridge – signs

31 Jul

Signs we developed with people using the canal

Workshop #08 – Sefton OPERA

20 Jul

We didn’t have time to turn all the memories and ideas from this session into signs, but here is what we did manage:

Bootle Strand workshop – video document

18 Jul

Video document of our day at Bootle Strand Shopping Centre.

Jam butties and lemonade – over here

18 Jul

What else could ask for on a sunny day by the canal?

Workshops #06 / #07 – Bootle Strand Shopping Centre

17 Jul

workshop #05 – Kidzo

16 Jul

Friday night youthclub takes a brief hiatus from footy to draw warning signs of giraffes, and directions to the nearest canal chippy. But don’t you dare bring any hammers into the underwater glass tunnel.

workshop #04 – May Logan Centre

14 Jul

Joan was a star today. She came up with all these ideas!