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Comments from canoes

16 Aug
I got in touch with Terry, one of the courageous canoeists we met during our canal workshop. Terry and his friend Steve were canoeing from Liverpool to Hull to raise money for Help For Heroes. When we met them they were only 4 miles into their marathon. Here is a bit about how they got on, and their impression of the canal:
We made it back to Driffield on schedule. The whole 200 miles took 6 days and 9 hrs. We had to up our work rate enormously from when we saw you. That day we finished paddling at 8pm and were 10 miles short of our allotted distance. We found that the only way to make the time was to start at 7am and finish paddling at 10pm We were pretty tired by the end.

The best day was flying down the Humber with the wind on our backs…beautiful sunshine…the tide going our way…and no other deep river traffic to worry about. That night we finished under the humber bridge at about 7.30pm

Just for comparison…the yorkshire side of the Leeds/Liverpool was completely free of litter and it seemed to make a big difference to the amount of people using the water and towpaths. I think if the authorities could get the merseyside section cleaned up they would see a big increase in the amount of usage by the public.

Bearing in mind that the overwhelming majority of people in the world are decent human beings, then the more people that use these places, the safer they become – without the need for policing etc.

Wouldnt it be grand to see lots of people using the canal to get to work…running , cycling or even kayaking. If I worked in a city I would much rather cycle down a towpath than sit in  a vehicle for an hour. If you could get coffee and food along the way that would make it an even more attractive proposition.

Under Pennington Road Bridge

7 Aug

A modern re-telling of The 3 Billy-goats Gruff, where we as Re-Dock play the troll, and the goats are played by canoeists, barges, bmx bikers and dog walkers. Actually its a video document of our workshop under the bridge by the site of the Constellation Of Signs installation.

Workshop #09 – #10 – Pennington Road Bridge – process

31 Jul

Today we took the workshop to the site itself. The grey morning weather forced us under the bridge but it turned out to be a great move as we met loads of people using the canal: 3 canoeists, a few runners, 6 barges, several lads on bikes, lots of families and a shedload of dog walkers.