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21 Sep

This project has involved many different contributors each with their own skills, from the communities who shared their ideas and visual concepts, to the preparation of the wall by plasterer Chris Brand, and the manufacture of the signs themselves by Bensons.

One vital skill brought to the process was the draughtsmanship of the designers. Illustrator Chris Rodenhurst (better known as Sketchybeast) and recent  LJMU design graduate Becky Jones worked their socks off rendering peoples’ visual ideas as vector road signs.

Besides the hardwork in drawing images in illustrator, the job entails a an aptitude for observation. Never underestimate the details to which a designer will work – their quest for perfection is obsessive at times. Is that line too thick? Is the nettle leaf “nettley” enough? How signy should this sign look? Do we want a moorhens footprint or just its foot?

But it is this details which brings the signs to life.  So a special thanks to Chris and Becky! You make the best nettles and the perfect Spaceman.


Margaret Calvert

7 Aug

Margaret Calvert and Jock Kinneir designed the UK Road Signage System in the 1950’s. As a visual language, it is something that is so ubiquitous that we take it for granted. It is of course what we are drawing on in creating the Constalletion Of Signs installation. Here is Margaret Calvert appearing on Top Gear.

Designing the Wall at 1:10

25 Jul

We’ve only got a couple of workshops to go but we are already overloaded with ideas and designs from the project so far. Last Friday myself, Chris (illustrator) and Becky (designer) worked with artist Alan Dunn to start mapping out and arranging some of these ideas on a 1:10 scale map of the wall. Exciting stuff.