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I saw the sign

18 Sep

Phil (production manager at Benson’s) holds up the title sign for the installation. this is in fact the only sign that wont be on the wall, as it will be installed further down the road in order to point people to the work.


On The Road

7 Aug

On Wednesday, Chris the Sketchybeast joined a coach expedition to Wales with locals from Bootle and Linacre. Like Cliff Richard in Summer Holiday, but drawing instead of singing, Chris led a number of activities including a sign quiz (try it yourself here), a memory sharing and signage design for the installation. Again, lots of signs prohibiting the throwing of rubbish in the canal, and also one about not throwing your cat in there. My favourite though has to be the warning sign that warns about the dangers of signs themselves!

workshop #3 – LinacreOne

8 Jul

We had a great session swapping memories of the canal and discussing the ethics of plum theft with representatives from LinacreOne, Linacre Mission, New Heartlands, and other local organisations and youth groups. We also developed some new ideas and new designs. This installation is going to be amazing.